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Digital Assets have changed the financial markets in the same way that the internet has changed communications.

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Keeping It Simple – The Future Of Money

We know that Cryptocurrency sounds complex, that is why our exchange wallet is build from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Buying & Selling our wide range of Cryptocurrencies is easy and fast.

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Financial Freedom Without Compromising Security

More importantly your Wallet is secured through two-factor authentication, cold storage and state of the art security features. We are held to complete Capital reserve requirements and maintain international banking compliance standards. Any funds you place into the exchange are only used to facilitate transactions through your e-wallet. Unlike banks, we do not operate on fractional reserves.

Reshaping The Global Financial System

Digital assets like Bitcoin and Ether have altered the way money moves around the world. They are no longer on the fringes of the finance industry, rather preparing to occupy a central place in the global financial system.  EuroBitPro is your link to the new world of money whilst keeping you connected to the familiar financial mainland. Our team of top technology experts and security engineers have brought real world uses of the blockchain technology to fruition though our revolutionary exchange.

A digital Asset Exchange at Your Fingertips

The EuroBitPro Mobile Wallet enables you to Buy, Sell or Store cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world and on the go. Download the Wallet right to your device for easy and secure access to the exchange. The Wallet is easy to use for beginners and robust enough for experts, making it the perfect companion for digital asset exchange.

The EuroBitPro marketplace operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a leading digital asset exchange, EuroBitPro provides comprehensive liquidity to individual investors, institutions merchants, miners, exchangers, funds and professional financial firms. The simple interface of the exchange provides convenient orders management and real-time data, enabling secure round-the-clock cryptocurrency investments.

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